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Product Designers Market – Write Up.

After a strong 5 long days at the Truman Brewery we would like to thank all visitors the Product Designers Market. We have had a lot of interest from both industry and public.  We started the show off with a closed VIP night that included top designers and professional from IBM, Virgin Atlantic, Bluw among others, with a plethora of international press interest from, Core77 and HybridLab.

Hustle and Bustle… at the market.

Thursday night was a great success buzzing with enthusiasm  and excitement giving all of the designers the chance to exhibit there product within a professional environment.

This was then followed by 4 great days of public viewing.

Matt and Ben discussing the travel embodiment bracelet to press.

Adam Amos the designer behind the SNAPS Project.

The guys from Bluw testing out Mels Shout box. – A product to release stress from the office.

Andreas Nydahl screwless, glueless machine made furniture.

Robin Read Talking about the advantages of his new robotic gripper.

The presentation boards.

The market was constructed by the 25 exhibitors and took over 7hr to build the exhibit with pallets hired from a locally sourced North London company.

Alvin Jay Pullia. Pants that keep you awake by a constant state of sexual arousal.

David Knight industry sponsored field hockey training aids for goal keepers.

Ben Arent’s – jive. Social networking for your gran.

We would like to thank everyone for visiting, if you missed out you can catch us again at New Desginers.

June 11th, 2008 | product designers market news, product designers market press, write-up

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