Travel Embodiment

The purpose of the Embodiment Bracelet is to capture the essence of the journey and represent the users travel experience holistically.  It monitors Galvanic Skin Response and Global Positioning to create an emotional map or information aesthetic that is unique to every individuals journey.

The Face Of Campy MC

Matthew Mitchell-Camp


My past three years studying Product Design at Middlesex University have ignited a passion for design that I have had for as long as I can remember. They have shaped my approach towards design process (from conception to final product) and allowed me to develop a method that produces creative, innovative and realistic solutions.  

My strength as a designer lies within openness and adaptability to varied briefs - from footwear design to contemporary furniture; I will immerse myself with enthusiasm and rigor.  I am also very interested in graphic design applications and believe graphics can greatly help project product concepts and support final product models.



Matthew’s Exhibition Information.

My final project stems from a love of travel.  The purpose of my product is to capture the essence of the journey and represent the users travel experience holistically.  By using Galvanic Skin Response sensors and Global Positioning System technology the travel embodiment bracelet monitors arousal and location to create an emotional map, an information aesthetic that is unique to each individual and representative of their experience over time.

As the journey progresses the bracelet becomes more precious to the wearer because it is recording their trip via an abstract media.  This is echoed in the physicality of the product which is made of a natural cork-rubber composite that deteriorates over time and essentially tells the story of what the bracelet has endured, making it even more personal to the wearer reinforcing their attachment.  This feature also devalues it to anyone else making it appear worthless and therefore securing it from theft.