Tackling Circadian Rhythm Disorders

Using the Hedonomic Design ethos to facilitate the conception of products able to alleviate the negative effects on sleeping patterns that are associated with Night or shift based work. One product being based on Acupressure techniques to treat Insomnia, and the other founded on the ideals of Sexual Arousal to negate the effects of Chronic Fatigue.

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Alvin Jay Pullia



Striving to eliminate the prospect of a mundane and inevitable future for both you and I, through the only avenue I know; Design.

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As well as being multi-disciplined in the areas of freehand sketching, graphic presentation, 3D CAD, and conventional hands-on prototyping, I have had the opportunity to participate on a placement year within the Architectural, Retail, and Commercial Lighting industry.
During this time I was responsible for managing several high profile projects, which involved major design decisions, a level of responsibility rarely encountered by one with so little experience. Yet I enjoyed the challenge, and it provided me with an indication of what may be expected of me in the future.
My main interest, however, lies within the field of emotionally engaging design and how I can create products which will elicit a pleasurable human-technology interaction. I believe that individual experience is an important aspect of consumerism.


Alvin’s Exhibition Information.

Based on personal experience from night work, I have designed products which will aid night or shift based workers in
dealing with the 24 hour schedules enforced upon them, whilst utilising the holistic design principles of Hedonomics in
order to facilitate their conception.

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  • The Brief
  • Sleeping Aid R&D
  • Arousal R&D

One fourth of all chronic sleep disorders are the result of a mismatch between the bodies Circadian Rhythms and the
24-hour schedules associated with shift work. Humans are programmed to sleep at night and be active during the day, by
working at night; people have to essentially ignore this natural impulse.

Workers who attempt to sleep by day, after a night shift, will find that their sleep is likely to be fragmented and brief, no
matter how tired they may feel. Others will struggle to carry out their daily duties as they battle immense tiredness due
their bodies failing to adjust to the awkward working schedules.

Since its conception, my project has branched off into two logical strands of approach; one product intended to aid those
who endure fragmented or restless sleep, and the other will focus on individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue.
The additional aspect of Hedonomics will ensure that the fundamental objectives are fulfilled, whilst ensuring pleasurable usability and interaction with the product at an individual level.

The Hoku point lies within the webbed region between you thumb and forefinger and is known to Acupressurists as a
stimulation point said to treat insomnia. The concept was based on the simple idea of applying constant pressure to this
point using an elastic band to invoke drowsiness.

Test subjects who suffered from bouts of insomnia claimed that after trying out this technique 10 minutes before bed, they
felt drowsy and ready to sleep. Safety and Pleasure are fundemental requirements of Hedonomics, therefore having an
automatic shut-off mechanism in place would ensure confidence in the product, and developing a refined method of
administering the treatment was vital.

Arousal is a state of wakefulness which is both physiological and psychological. It involves an increase heart rate
and blood pressure and also sees heightened brain activity as brain sensory alertness increases. This can also
be said about a state of Sexual Arousal, although the aspect of pleasure is added to the equation.

Subjects involved with my research claimed that sexual stimulation distracted them from the damaging effects
of fatigue and also had a postive effect on the state of their mood. They also recommended that having a fatigue detection
system to trigger the vibrations would ensure that the product was used only for its intended purpose.

Although the manifestation of the concept as vibrating pleasure pants may seem novel, and has been marketed
as such for the purpose of approachability; it has been founded on sound, logical research and information.

  • Thumband - Technical Info
  • Wake Up Pants - Technical Info
  • Branding

- Elasticated thumb strap with pressure nodule intended for Hoku point stimulation.

- Safe usage is ensured through an automatic shut-off mechanism which releases after the thumb strap has been in contact with the mechansim for 10 minutes .

- All components are fastened to a wrist strap for compact and simplified use.

- Ergonomically designed, gender specific vibrators with 5 different vibration and pulse settings to avoid the user becoming
accustomed to a routine ‘Buzz’.

- A Fatigue Detection system is housed within the vibrators with the purpose of monitoring a persons arousal. When a users
heart rate drops below a pre-configured level, the vibrator activates for a short period of time in order to raise overal
arousal and alertness.

- The provided underwear features an internal pouch which allows access to the vibrator for easy removal. The underwear
also provides an avenue for product branding which emphasises the fun and novel theme of the aesthetics.

- Developoment means that the application of the product could stretch to that of a pleasurable morning alarm system.

Trend analysis from web searches showed that astonishingly, interest in Japanese Animation was on par with that of adult
orientated material.

Since the 1970s, cuteness has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys,
personal appearance, behaviour, and mannerisms. the Japanese employ it in a vast array of situations and demographics,
for example in government publications, public service warnings, office environments and military advertisements. This
shows that even at an executive level, Cute is not just accepted but encouraged. I wished introduce this perspective into the
lives of workers in the western world.

The Japanese have integrated aspects of cute into