Fido, Your personal guard dog

Fido is a personal alarm for your bag, The aim is to offer peace of mind without breeding irresponsibility. The Idea being that Fido can protect your bag and let you know if your bag is being tampered. Therefore allowing you more freedom and peace of mind but it is not a lock. This means you must stay in the vicinity of your possession.

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David Richardson


When choosing my degree I had a choice of which path to take. graphic design or product design. i chose a foundation course in product design and havn't looked back since. I love the diversity of product design and the fact that i should be able to design pretty much anything.



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Crime can be a problem

Anybody can be a victim of theft. Theft can happen anywhere at any time. You turn your back for one moment and it can be too late. Your possession has vanished. But what is the answer? Attach a huge lock to your possession?  Don’t ever put your possessions down? This can be impractical.

Introducing Fido, your personal guard dog.

  • What is it and why?
  • How does it work?
  • Why is Fido so good?

Fido is a unique new product which has been designed with the intentions of  making your possessions safer rather than being the be all and end all in the fight against crime.

The idea is simple. Rather than just buying a lock you use Fido instead. Fido offers you assistance and therefore peace of mind when it comes to protecting your possessions. The problem with most anti theft devices is that they lull you into a false sense of security, just ask many a cyclist in London. Even Boris Johnson has had his bicycle stolen. He locked it up, assumed it was safe and came back to find it had vanished.


Fido doesn’t work like that. Fido isn’t a lock. So unfortunately cannot protect and possession in your absence for any amount of time but What Fido does  allow you to do is turn your back on a possession in the short term and know that nobody can take it without you knowing as it happens..


It has been suggested there are 6 key ways to prevent Crimes.

  • Increase the risk of the thief getting caught
  • Increase the effort a thief must make in order to make the theft
  • Reduce any provocation
  • Remove any excuses
  • Reduce the rewards
  • Remove the opportunity

Fido Increases the perceived risk to the thief of getting caught and the effort they must put in to make the theft.

In essence Fido is a wire loop alarm which when triggered transmits wirelessly to a receiver which the user is wearing. When the receiver is triggered it vibrates to let the user know their possession may be compromised.

Fio is Triggered if the strap is cut/broken or the device is opened. If triggered Fido also continues to transmit for 10 seconds thus making sure you know and preventing any would be thief turning the device off.

Fido is immensely versatile. You can use it on any possession or wear the receiver on practically any part of your body. It is also built on recoil so the strap automatically winds itself in when not in use, or automatically tightens around your possessions