The SNAPS unit: The Next Generation In Modular FlatPack Design!

The SNAPS unit: The Next Generation In Modular FlatPack Design!


The Face Of Adam Amos.

Adam Amos


I am a lively and exuberant young designer, with a passion for precision and a drive for clarity. My direct and open design styles conflict and result in real world design for the real user and the real market.

I both benefit and thrive within team environments, and deliver with passion the ideas and emotions that evolve from creative situations. Applying my ranging skill set to each scenario to deliver the upmost at all times.

Enjoyment and interactive involvement lead my design path and aim always to convey my positive attitude at every point of that journey.



Adam's Exhibition Information.

Through 5 key areas of interaction, the SNAPS furniture unit aims to deliver positive physical interaction built from sensory feedback , fundamentally intended to develop a strong person-product relationship.

Utilising a modular construction method, reverse engineered jointing and magnetized zones, the user engages with the SNAPS’ component’s to become satisfyingly involved in the creation and construction process of the unit, configuring it to the desired size and arrangement to suit its chosen function.

Tackling the issues of poorly designed flat-pack furniture was an initial direction for the project. However it developed into something much much more.. Development of a product that brings into fruition areas that are regularly over looked - Enjoyment and Pleasure were not words usually associated with the construction of flat-pack furniture. However, this product is based on 5 Key Interaction Areas aimed at creating user participation through sensory feedback.

The SNAPSunit is designed for the user.... Designed to make the user enjoy the normally, boring, dehumanised, robotic and repetitive construction process that usually frustrates and irritates, and instead provides
[1] Engagement,
[2] Involvement,
[3] Productivity,
[4] Pleasurable Satisfaction and
[5] Interest.