Adam Lee - Luminaire family which interacts with its environment  class=

Enviroment interacting luminaire.

A luminaire family which interacts with its environment and its inhabitants to create dynamic and healthy lighting.

The Face Of Adam Lee

Adam Lee


A passion for creating innovative and feasible designs that excites but also feel right…that something that you just cannot put your finger on is what drives me as a designer. Always staying ahead looking at trends, developing technologies and user requirements, my designs are commercial and are about being realised today!

I have extensive experience working with design teams, project managers and clients, managing a project from concept to realisation. With a strong lighting portfolio, I have worked with major brands such as Nike on Retail projects through to smaller residential and one-off lighting installations. Not only knowing how to deliver on deadline to a brief but thriving on it!



Adam’s Exhibition Information.

Lighting plays a much bigger role than just the illumination of our space; this project is about the educating and implementation of healthy dynamic lighting. The importance of contrast and change in the illumination of our space to create a productive and comfortable interactive lighting solution is the focus of this Luminaire. Designing with LED technology and its advantages does not mean it has to be about space age its about natural lighting…lighting which changes with our environment and it inhabitants.