Tackling Circadian Rhythm Disorders, in an unconventional, yet pleasurable way.

Tackling Circadian Rhythm Disorders, in an unconventional, yet pleasurable way...

Using the Hedonomic Design ethos to facilitate the conception of pleasure-based products able to alleviate the negative effects associated with Night or Shift based work.

The Face Of Alvin Jay Pullia.

Alvin Jay Pullia



Striving to eliminate the prospect of a mundane and inevitable future for both you and I, through the only avenue I know; Design.

As well as being multi-disciplined in the areas of freehand sketching, graphic presentation, 3D CAD, and conventional hands-on prototyping, I have had the opportunity to participate on a placement year within the Architectural, Retail, and Commercial Lighting industry.

During this time I was responsible for managing several high profile projects, which involved major design decisions, a level of responsibility rarely encountered by one with so little experience. Yet I enjoyed the challenge, and it provided me with an indication of what may be expected of me in the future.



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The Scene

One fourth of all chronic sleep disorders are the result of a mismatch between the bodies Circadian Rhythms and the 24-hour schedules associated with shift work. Humans are programmed to sleep at night and be active during the day, by working at night; people have to essentially ignore this natural impulse.

The Brief

For my final year project, I propose to create products which will aid night or shift based workers in dealing with the 24 hour schedules enforced upon them, whilst utilising the holistic design ethic known as Hedonomics in order to facilitate this objective.

Since its conception, my project has branched off into two logical strands of approach; one product intended to aid those who endure fragmented or restless sleep, and the other will focus on individuals who suffer from daily fatigue.

The additional aspect of Hedonomics will ensure that the fundamental objectives are fulfilled, whilst ensuring pleasurable usability and interaction with the product at an individual level.