betty a social product from jive.

jive - social networking for your gran.

betty is new communication product aimed specifically at the elderly market. Jive is a complete package that will enable technophobes to take full advantage of new communication methods that have been created with the advent of the internet. You can read all about jive on the jive minisite.

You can see jive in person at New Designers 2008.

Ben Arent


Product design is changing field, I thrive on the process of design and am happy to work on any project. I have a vibrant online portfolio, and have already exhibited my work internationally.

I want to keep on working in interaction and experience design, creating better products within new unknown product categories.



Ben's Exhibition Information.

My project started with a brief that looked at a new EU initiative to see how ICT can help with social isolation during older age.

I have worked closely with my users and have tried to understand this broad demographic that is the elderly. I have talked to technophobes, social surfers and even pros such as Geriatric1927.

The Brief

To create a new product that will address the needs of this complex user group, the end product should be designed to make technology useful to the users.

See more about my brief and process.

The Product - jive

jive is the product experience. The complete package includes jive - the data service, betty - the device, one plug router and a friend pass.

These three products work together to create a complete experience that will slowly bring new physical and social interactions to the users. The simplest way of describing it is think Facebook, simple, connected straight out of the box.

IPR - jive

jive is currently under IPR review, so I can only post limited details until I know what I can publish. I shall be fully uploading all my work before the degree show.