David Knight.

Training products for field hockey goalkeepers.

Production of hockey goalkeeping training aids to fit within the OBO product range.

The Face Of David Knight.

David Knight



The combination of:

BSc Engineering Product Design course at Middlesex University


A passion, commitment and enthusiasm for field hockey


Market leaders OBO


A unique position to secure high grade new product development aimed at field hockey goalkeepers.



David’s Exhibition Information.

The game of hockey has recently seen a massive increase in speed mainly due to technological advancements in pitch and stick manufacturing. Balls speeds can reach excess of 100mph. To complicate things include deflections bobbles and the un-natural art at throwing your body at a plastic ball....

The range of 5 products have been designed and developed to help hockey goalkeepers train for:

The unexpected – keeping the reactions lightning fast!


Repetitive motion – the more you do the better you get!

Training these elements are what makes a good goalkeepers great.