peace of mind. Anti-theft device.


The Face OfDavid Richardson.

David Richardson


When choosing my degree i had a choice of which path to take. graphic design or product design. i chose a foundation course in product design and havn't looked back since. I love the diversity of product design and the fact that i should be able to design pretty much anything.



David's Exhibition Information.

My Initial brief was to design a product which tackled crime without being a weapon.

After a lot of brain storming my iniial concept became

''the bag/wallet that knows if it is being stolen''

and my project evolved from there. At present it is based around a device which you use to attach your bag or possesion to a fixed object. if the possesion is moved then you are alerted.

therefore offering peace of mind. the device itself is to be visible so therefore acting also as a visual deterrent to any would be thief...