Menelaos Florides - Pleasures in the office.

Pleasure in the Office

A hollistic exploration of a series of little human pleasures for the contemporary office environment.

The Face Of Melenlaos Florides

Menelaos Florides


Prompted to create ethical and pleasant solutions which allow for greater harmony, so that all may enjoy the process of change while looking forward to a promising future... And having a laugh about it now and then. :)



Mel’s Exhibition Information.

The focus of the project is an ongoing research and investigation into both subtle and over exaggerated details that make people 'tick'.

The Little Pleasures where conceived with the big city office worker in mind. Their purpose is to improve social bonds in the workplace, help release stress and “entertain” by trying to engage as many of our physical and psychic senses as possible.

The aim was to identify and reproduce a series of daily little pleasures (both appropriate and inappropriate) to be placed in a typical Big City office environment.

The fear is that overindulgence might saturate the pleasure in the long run but this only supports the fact that our body and mind are in constant need of physical and psychic stimulation.