Eco Warmth

Eco Warmth.

Eco Warmth is an indoor compost bin which has been incorporated with a heating element which will turn your everyday food waste into compost within a few weeks and your plants will be able to enjoy the rich soil. 

The Face Of Monita Cheung.

Monita Cheung


I have always had a passion on designing and creating new innovative products that were functional, aesthetically pleasing and would make an impact into the users lifestyle. Being very organised and a perfectionist works very well in my love for 3D Modelling.

My main strengths are on CAD using the softwares of AutoCAD, Alias and 3D Studio Max. I am currently applying my skills in CAD in a design company where I produce and set up detailed drawings and creating their website.



Monita's Exhibition Information.

The brief was to find a solution that will encourage residents in flats to lower the amount of waste that is thrown into the landfill and to educate them in using their materials more efficiently and less damaging to the planet.

Composting is one of the most effective ways to reduce household waste. Serious changes to our living habits needs to be altered in order to help tackle the problems of climate change.  Recycling needs to be seen as an everyday activity where throwing waste out is the last resort. The recycling rates from flats are extremely low compared to households as it is more difficult to collect the materials for recycling and composting.