Nick Bampton - Subverting the green aesthetic.

The Green Aesthetic.

Products which visually communicate greenness to consumers

The Face Of Nick Bampton

Nick Bampton


I have studied design in London for 3 years, at Middlesex University and London South Bank University. I have design experience working in aerospace design engineering. My interest in design lies in sustainable design and the communication of brand values and sharing of enthusiasm through product aesthetics.



Nick’s Exhibition Information.

The Green Aesthetic' is an exhibition showing products designed to communicate their environmental benefits solely through their visual form. The visual semantic style, 'Design for green Communication' has been developed by Nick Bampton, and taps into visceral associations within consumers.

This is a response to current green marketing and the process of 'greenwashing' where companies mislead consumers regarding the environmental benefits of a product.

“A strong green aesthetic will create a positive response from green consumers, who have become sceptical of products making environmental claims on packaging and in adverts.”