diet cutlery

Aim for a size 0

The aim for my project is to highlight the current social trend of body image obsession, and how this fixation on trying to reach unreal and unhealthy beauty standards can often lead to severe eating disorders.

The Face Of Monita Cheung.

Paula Sola


I have studied industrial design at Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) before moving to London to broaden my design education experience. I am interested in many creative disciplines including fashion, illustration and graphic design.

Communicating ideas, concepts and even opinions through product design, fashion and other visual arts and using this to evoke a reaction in users is my area of interest.



Paula's Exhibition Information.

My degree project explores how to convey ideas through products that make people reflect. Thus, it observes current social issues such as eating disorders,
and analyses instances of a struggle for attaining the 'perfect' body - a 'size 0'. This can lead to serious psychological and physical problems and death in worst cases.

This landscape of unhealthy societal eating habits acts as a backdrop for my exhibition, ' Aim for a size 0'.

The product range consists of take away kits that contain a tableware set: cutlery, plate and glass, inspired by diet obsession, bulimia and anorexia.

I make the relationship between dining customs and eating disorders apparent through highlighting themes from the lifestyles of eating disorder sufferers and applying them to the form and function of the various products I have designed.