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Virtual tourist community .

PDA interface design to help foreign tourists

The Face Of Sungmin Jun.

Sungmin Jun


I am from south Korea. I studied A-level Art,foundation art course in England before coming to middlesex university. I find art and design far more advanced in this country than Korea and English as a language very charming.I like english peoples' character and culture especially the creativity in art and design and everywhere else(tv show, comedy,).I am very much in learning process now in product design and social communication. I think design in England has so much to offer internationally especially to oriental countries like Korea where I come from.



Sungmin's Exhibition Information.

the design of virtual tourist community came from my traver experience in england. At the beginning of project I decided to explore England and look for any issues or problem. I traveled to york, haworth, lakedistrict,windermere,grasmere,kezwick.I have made many mistakes such as not booking accomodation and train tickets in advance and taking wrong buses. And on top of that when I was away from home I felt that I could use some company to share my tour experience and just wanted to make some contact with anyone traveling at the same time.

This virtual tour community concept makes foreign tourist helps each other by giving practical direct advice and also make them connected so nobody feels left alone in unfamiliar surroundings. Everybody who uses this PDA communication software will get their emotional support and some direct experienced advices from other tourist whilst their visit.