Yavuz Durak

Musical interactive book.

This product is aimed to help people understand music theory better and also have fun learning it. You can learn while you play. So Introducing my musical interactive book.

The Face Of Yavuz Durak

Yavuz Durak



I've been interested in design since secondary school and wanted to help make a difference in peoples life's by creating products which are needed.

My area of interest was the music industry as a whole (from composers to musicians)because I love music (Who Doesnt:))



Yavuz’s Exhibition Information.

Although I do not know how to play an instrument I have always been interested in the music industry especially what it takes to learn an instrument. Self belief and motivation to name a couple.

My research involved me meeting people from the industry, whether it was beginner to professional producers/songwriters or beginner and professional musicians. I learnt a great deal from everyone I meet and the challenges each person went through in order to be where they are at.

By the end of this project I'm hoping that my interactive book will benefit a lot of people and get them interested in learning to play an instrument.